Buy / Sell

Great Deals at Lightning Speed

Franchise Global serves as a perfect platform for buying and selling brands and businesses. We help you find suitable buyers for your business and sellers with viable business ventures - while offering a wide range of valuation services to ensure that you seal a buy/sell deal at the right price. We also manage mergers and acquisitions work for you.

How Does it Work?

When you want to sell your business, you register with us. For registration and listing your business on our portal, you pay a registration fee. It is fixed based on the turnover of your business, as follows:

Business Value (in INR) Registration Charges (INR)
10 lakhs or less 15,000
10-25 lakhs 25,000
25-50 lakhs 35,000
50-75 lakhs 75,000
75-100 lakhs / 1 crore 1,50,000
1 crore or above 2,00,000

Impeccable Valuation

We work with you to value your business from various core aspects that buyers would be interested to know about. Some of the valuations that aid buying / selling process are:

  • General business valuation
  • Bankruptcy & insolvency valuation
  • Real estate valuation
  • Infrastructure & assets valuation
  • IP, brands, tangible / intangible asset valuation
  • Inventory, stock/debtors, receivables valuation

Common Buyer / Seller mistakes

  • Not determining the right Business worth
  • Financials not healthy or not in place
  • Hestitance to hire a mediator
  • Not ready for bargain based sale
  • No pre plan(sell/Buy) - or waiting too long
  • Unwilling to promote the opportunity
  • Selling to the wrong person (No financial due-dilligence done)
  • Either the project cost is over priced or low

As buyers / investors show interest in your business, we share the methodologies and valuation with them - at all these stages you, as a seller, will be involved. The business valuation charge starts at INR 25,000.

Sealing the deal

A team of valuation experts and business analysts will be there with you throughout the process - meeting all information needs of the buyers on your behalf. We work in the best interest of both buyers and sellers. The brokerage on successful sale of business is 4% of the business size.

Leave us the details about your interest in buying / selling businesses - for us to get back to you with irresistible offers right away.