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Whose franchisees are happy and prosperous

In a franchising system, the most important customers of a franchisor are the franchisees. The franchisors should ensure the franchisee’s happiness in the system. They must treat the franchisees in the way they would treat their end customers. The franchisees feel happy when the franchisors maintain open communication, learn about the franchisees, maintain an effective complaint process, and motivate the franchisees.

In a franchising system, the franchisees always expect an open line of communication. A franchisor must be a skilled listener as it is a very important key to keeping the flow of communication. Doing so will enable you to build a good rapport. Moreover, the franchisees will feel comfortable in sharing their views, ideas, concerns and any other valuable data.

The more you listen to your franchisees, the more you get to know about them. The skill of listening helps in building a relationship with the franchisees, and they feel a sense of trust. The franchisees feel like a valued team member. It is for sure that if your franchisees do not like you personally, they will not stick longer with your company. Franchisors can send birthday cards, interesting articles, festival wishes and many more things to connect personally with the franchisees.

Sometimes franchisees have complaints which should be sorted out. In such case, the franchisees should know whom to report the issues. A franchisor must ensure that complaints and issues are dealt effectively. Franchisees will be unsatisfied with delayed responses on the issues. Handling complaints is complicated, which can be made easy through a quick, sensitive, and effective process.

Franchisees also admire and connect to Franchisors who motivate, inspire and lead. The franchisors can also motivate through the internet. Sending a weekly newsletter is still considered the best way to share information. The newsletters could include progress of the company, success stories of other franchisees and surveys.

The happier your franchisee is, the happier will be your customer. Franchisors who build trust can expect their franchisees to go the extra mile and contribute towards the goals of the company.

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