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About Franchise Global

Franchise Global is a platform that provides business opportunities, business advice and franchise opportunities for the franchisors seeking investors. We are the leading online source of franchising opportunities and knowledge center for individuals seeking information about the franchise industry. FG is the authoritative platform of CADD Centre, pioneering the concept of generating a quality leads for franchisors and largest franchisee referral services by building over 700 franchise outlets across 24 countries.

Living under the spectrum of leading educational institute, Franchise Global is not only committed to educating perspective globally, but also imparts dynamics of franchising across other business segments. Extending support towards the process of decision-making, we publish company details, business description, franchise locations, and success stories for potential franchisees.

Franchise global provides consulting services for investors and brands covering the business end to end – from identifying partners, setting up, to scaling the franchise operations. Our services involve a package of online and real-world engagement based on customer requirements.

How to Get Started?

There are thousands of franchises who employ millions of people giving a boost to the economic output across the globe. With the various number of possibilities, finding the right franchise can be the exciting journey of your life. We welcome you to explore the website in any way you please, but here are a few suggestions for the new visitors :

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